Upcoming Performance

My band and I will be performing at the annual Hoboken Music and Arts Festival on Sunday Oct 3rd at 12:30 PM! There will be lots of music, arts, food, and entertainment lining up and down the streets of hoboken all day long. IT ROCKS! Hope to see you there xoxo DAKOTA

Signed by David Polemeni

David Polemeni,former Vice President at S1 Songs, is now representing Dakota Davenport


Dakota's CD became available today on iTunes, CD Baby, and!

News Flash

It has been over a year in the making but Dakota Davenport's debut CD "Dakota Davenport" is ready to drop on July 7th!

Mastering Complete!

Dakota's songs were mastered at world famous Sterling-Sound in NYC where Rhianna, Kei$ha, and many other famous artists have gone. Dave McNair, Senior Sound Engineer, who did the mastering has worked recently on the Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) solo CD.

Ryan MacMillan Plays Drums for Dakota's Album

Exciting news...Matchbox 20 drummer, Ryan MacMillan, flew in from Los Angeles to play drums on Dakota's songs! He's an amazing drummer (and a super nice guy) The results were fantastic!

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