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Being backed by 2 amazing bands

Posted October-14-11
Dave Polemeni was able to pull in two amazing bands to play on my tracks, including Vanessa Carlton's band! Also, the drum tracks are being created overseas by musicians in Spain :) Sounding so cool, can't wait for you guys to hear this soon!

Working with music publisher, Dave Polemeni

Posted October-10-11
Headed off to a new studio, Architekt, to record a new version of Roam and Tears on your Face, along with a cover song. So excited to start working on the tracks alongside Dave Polemeni (formerly VP Film & Television at S1 Songs).

Back in the recording studio!

Posted September-01-11
Hey everyone! I'm so happy to be getting back in the recording studio in a few weeks to start recording some of the new songs I've written over this summer :) Please keep checking back on my website for updates and new songs thanks! <3

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