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New songs released! "October Skies" and "35 Calls"

Posted October-17-15

Hey guys! Check out my two new songs, "October Skies" and "35 Calls". October Skies is about losing someone you love in October and going through the pain of what it feels like to be without them. "35 Calls" is about my ex calling me 35 times. LOL. Hope you like them both!

Check out my two new songs!

Posted April-11-15

While studying at Berklee, I have recorded two new songs- "You Never Were Mine" and "The Magician". Stay tuned for more upcoming songs!

Berklee College of Music-Here I Come!

Posted September-08-12

I have been accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and am so excited to have the opportunity to meet and play with talented musicians from all around the world! 

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Neal tracy : Nice work on 35 calls. Pleased to see the voice/art building you'...
Debbe Caseley : 35 Calls! Amazing!!!!! ...
Gerardo : I like it a lot ...

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35 Calls- Acoustic Version
October Skies-New Piano Version
October Skies
Roam (Rock Version)
Here Without You (Cover)
You Never Were Mine
Like The Tears On Your Face
The Magician
Like The Tears On Your Face (Rock Version)
Best of You
Crying For You As I Write This Song
A Boy Without a Dream
The Burning Ending
4am and Nobody Knows
Broken Pieces of Me
Second Best
You Never Texted Her Back
This Heartbreak
Seasons Changing
So Sorry

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